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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 13 June 25-29

What a Week!

This week was HOT and Busy. There were ups and downs but mostly ups on the thermometer.
This week I got to welcome a beautiful new baby girl to the world, congratulations to L&A!!! I got to welcome Lane home for a few weeks, congratulations to me! I also felt the loss of a great man. He was a teacher whose wisdom and knowledge stretched far beyond the subject the matter on his syllabus.
And now I am busy packing for vacation. Subsequently, this week's blog entry is going to be more of a photos essay (and not a very good or inspired one). Next week there will be no entry as I will be in the UK!

Make no mistake, we are drowning in tomatoes. You will not see a tomato picture here as I am taking a vacation from them as well. 

Blueberry picking at a neighboring Farm

Helpful instructions

Tie it around your waist to pick with 2 hands

Hard Labor Creek Blueberry Farm

Okra Flower!

Carrot Party


Tomato Sprawling Experiment

Corn roots look like feet

If you build it

They will come

Seuss-Muppet Corn Silk

Hoop House 2 facelift


Irrigation almost complete

Plastic Mulch Laid by hand

Those Beans I planted a few weeks back look Great!

Okinawa Spinach is Purple

Nodules on Green Beans (Legumes) that fix Nitrogen

Awesome Spider who likes tomato plants

Wild Turkey- I swear he was in the frame when I took the picture

So Pretty

Southern Peas

Tongue of Fire Beans

Sweet Corn needs an ice bath after harvest to stay sweet
It was Hot this week

And this happened.

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  1. Love the pics! Especially the Okra flower. The Seuss-Muppet "hair," and the turkey....or lack thereof! Oh, and it's always good not touch the stcky balls!!! Love ya!



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