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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 20 August 19-24

What a wonderful week! It started off strong with Atlanta's own Crop Mob. This is a group of volunteers who swarm upon local farms to lend their labor and their love. We were visited by the Mob on Sunday. Around 40 volunteers made light work of a few large task. 

The rest of the week was so incredibly pleasant both and on and off the farm. It is still hot out but there are occasional breezes and a few mornings this week I wore a sweater in to work (not that it lasted long once I started moving). Fall is coming. Our Fall CSA also started this week. All in all the vibe on the farm was positive and hopeful. 

Then the weekend came and it got even better when I became a Godmother to this little beauty:
Eleanor, her Mom, and co Godmother/Amazing Dress Maker

This is why the blog is so late this week. Try looking at this beautiful baby and being upset about it, or anything.  This is also why this week's blog will be pretty brief. It's already Wednesday and I don't want to fall any further behind. 

Crop Mob
We don't normally work Sundays but when you have 40 people coming to help you out for free you'll meet them anytime they like. We actually had over 60 signed up but it rained Sunday morning early and must have scared some of them off. Too bad for them. The rain cleared but the clouds stayed and it was the most pleasant day we have had in months. The Mob worked for about 3 hours and then our Chef friend Thomas, from the Hyatt, made us all lunch. 

My crew weeded the sweet potatoes and planted blackberries in Main House Field

3 rows of blackberries almost done

Many hands make a happy farmer

We also laid some irrigation and fabric for row number 4

Lunch was delicious and well earned

Some of my farm hands for the day

Cory's crew harvested winter squash

Look familiar? It used to be full of tomatoes. Not anymore. Thanks Crop Mob!


Eggplant, Okra, Sweet Potato Greens, Arugula, Turnips, Green Beans, Okinawa Spinach, Peppers, Southern Peas.
Sweet Potato Greens? Yes! Recipe coming soon. 

Siamese Eggplant

Sweet Potato Plants
Bunch of Sweet Potato Greens


Production and Distribution

CSA is back for the fall! This was the first week filling and delivering CSA boxes for the fall season. This week's box contained: 
-1# Mixed Gala and Ginger Gold Apples (Beech Creek Farm)
-1 bunch Hakurei Turnips
-1# Green Beans
-1# Okra
-1# Asian Eggplant
-1 bunch Sweet Potato Greens
-1 bunch Arugula (Crystal Organic Farm)
-1 African Winter Squash (Similar to butternut)
-1 Mixed Herb Blend (Basil, Rosemary, Tarragon, Lemon Verbena, Sage)
They surely do

It was my turn to deliver the boxes to Atlanta. All was well until I got stuck in the black hole of closed down roundabouts that was Emory. It took me twice as long to get to the last stop as it should have due to road closures with NO signs or detours. Then I couldn't leave because this truck was blocking all traffic coming into and trying to leave the roundabout. Ugh! I have to say, living in the country, I don't miss city driving. Not. One. Bit.

Saturday Cory went to market with Elizabeth. It was pretty slow. We don't have a ton of variety right now as we wait for the fall crops to start producing.


More fall planting and transplanting this week. 
Started Lettuce, Chicory, Cabbage and a few others in the Green House.
Transplanted Fennel, Leeks, Blackberries, and Raspberries. 
Direct seeded Beets, Choi and more. 

Transplanting Fennel into the hoop house
New starts in the Green House
Direct seeding in the field

Farm Life

A collection of Bugs and Flowers for you.
This little green spider was hanging out on my sleeve in the Okra
A fan of Sweet Potato Greens 

First things I saw Monday morning :)
There are hundreds of these in the lower fields now
What happens when you don't plant out the sunflowers in the greenhouse. Tiny Sunflowers. 

We worked really hard this week. There were lots of extra hours to make up for being 2 men down and yet we did it with a grace that comes from being happy where you are and seeing the fruits of your labor every day. Cory noticed and took us out to lunch on Friday.  

Mexican food at Las Flores, Conyers. Yum.

To my second pair of gloves this season:

Thank for your for many hours of protection from wooden handles, spiders, dirt, okra spines, caterpillar poop, horn worms, rotten tomatoes and other rough, squishy, smelly or generally gross things. Thank you also for the perfect time when you were worn down just enough that I could operate the touch screen on my I-Phone but you still kept out the elements. You were good to me and I appreciate it. 

Puddy Time

Puddy harvests turnips

Worn Out

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