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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EatWell Natural Farm Week 38

The weather was pretty mild last week with quite a lot of rain towards the end. Wednesday was warm enough to get a decent harvest in for a delivery on Thursday. 


This week I harvested the last of the Radicchio, Red Sails Lettuce and Romaine. I also got some Kale and Broccoli along with a few Turnips and Carrots. 

Leonardo Radicchio, some of them just never form heads
and make these pretty flowers instead. 

Production and Delivery

Broccoli, Romaine and Carrots to Grillfish

One delivery this week. There wasn't much to go around but the carrots look great!

Cultivation and Maintenance

The Italian Softneck Garlic has sprouted and it looks like all of the cloves I planted are coming up at a good pace. It is the quickest of the varieties that I planted. The others are taking a bit longer. 

So there isn't any planting going on right now, just lots of planning. With the data from last year, input from the chefs and lots of research I am plotting out what to plant, when and where next year.

One of the more exciting crops I will start is Ramps. I ordered the seeds from Ramp Farm Specialties and they should arrive soon. Ramps are a wild leek so the idea is to plant the seeds and let them go native. It could take 6-18 months for them to germinate (for the seeds to wake up and start growing). After that it takes 3-5 years before they will produce seed. That means I can not harvest any until then. At that point I can harvest 30% every spring and each year they should re-seed themselves and the stand should grow larger and larger. They love moist shady areas so I am going start them down in the woods by the ponds.

First Seed Catalogue to arrive in the mail!

Planting by the moon? Worth a try. 

Plotting out the new field

Eating Well

Asparagus Salad at Grillfish featuring house made Herbed Mayo
which was made with EatWell Farm Herbs.

Cookie dough, Dad had it all prepped before I even arrived. 
I made a quick trip home this weekend to enjoy a family tradition. I spent two days baking Christmas Cookies with my Dad. We had a great time making Gingerbread Cookies, Anise Sugar Cookies, Peppermint Pinwheels, Peppermint Wands, Chocolate Orange Cookies and Gingersnaps. Lets not forget the sausage rolls which my Dad even makes a veggie version of just for me. Thanks Dad!

A sample platter of the holiday cheer. :)

Puddy Time

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