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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Preparing for Spring

Signs of Spring!!!

Get it? Signs... 

The Rhubarb is waking from hibernation


Growing in the Greenhouse

Well, my planting calendar has me starting crops in the fields two weeks ago. However, we keep getting snow which melts and turns the fields into mud. I can not prep muddy fields or plant into them. So, all I have that is on schedule is inside the greenhouse. My first round of Brassicas (Broccoli and Kale) can not wait much longer. They are getting too big for their tiny pots. Luckily, we have some good weather coming up and I should be able to plant them out and get some seeds in the ground next week! Here is what is going on inside the Greenhouse..

Red Russian Kale

We are staying above freezing on these COLD nights!!

Poor picture but we had a lovely Full Worm Moon



This day it never got above freezing outside

First round of planting ready to go out

Second round of Kale

The First Tomatoes!!!! These are Black Krim, a favorite from Georgia

 Field Work

 It did thaw and then dry out enough for me to get one pass in with the tiller before it snowed another 6" on Monday. It's a start. Now I have to let it dry out again, do one more pass and then I can start planting.
Tilling in the cover crop on the new field

That's our new hoop house. It's almost done. When it is it will get its own blog post

Meet The Farmer

We tried something new last weekend at some of our Restaurants in DC. It was an event we called Meet The Farmer. The goal was to introduce our customers to the farm. We want them to know that EatWell DC has a farm and tries to source locally and responsibly. EatWell is very proud of the farm and have put a lot of resources into it and wants to show it off. We also wanted to spread the word about our volunteer day coming up March 22nd.

We wanted to feature some farm produce but all I really had to offer was over-wintered Carrots and Wild Onions. The carrots were really sweet and crunchy. This fall I must plant A LOT more carrots to over winter!

Wild Onions and Carrots

Chef Tate at Grillfish made a marinated Carrot Salad with Salmon and they created a
drink with Carrot Juice and Bourbon. It was all delicious

At Commissary I handed out baby carrots and planted tomatoes with kids. Several people said "That's the best carrot I've ever had in my life!" It is a great compliment but the same could be said of any truly fresh, clean and local food if you are comparing it to conventional veggies that have been shipped across the country (or around the world).

Chef Bonk at The Pig made Carrot Cake topped with Goat Cheese and Wild Onion Icing

Puddy Time

Puddy had a lot of company this past week. Tilford came back to visit for a few days...
Mom! He's Touching me!

And then the two of them kidnapped the neighbor's puppy, Moxie. Luckily Moxie's mom was happy to come over and hang out so that the three of them could play.  (But, for real. Puddy and Tilford wandered over to the neighbor's at the farm and came sauntering back, puppy in tow)

Puddy and Moxie running

Cute Puppy!

Puddy in high rope toy fashion

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