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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things are warming up

Happy Spring!!! We are in full on planting mode and our trees and flowers are all waking up and coming into bloom. On Wednesday we had a visit from some of our chefs who came out to get in touch with what is happing at the farm right now. They helped out by prepping some beds in our new field, transplanting and weeding.


We actually had some things to harvest this week. The last of the over wintered spinach went to The Pig. 

First Shiitakes of the year

First Asparagus of the year

Production and Distribution

Well, not quite yet. This section will probably start to take shape over the next month as we come into our spring crops and have produce to deliver. As a stand in, enjoy these lovely Spring flowers....
Plum Tree Flowering

Peach Tree Blooms

Cultivation and Maintenance

As the days warm up the Greenhouse is getting a lot of attention. The doors have to be opened every day and closed every night. When it gets really warm it has to be watered two and sometimes three times a day.

I also finally got around to finishing two of the windows which can be opened during the day for additional ventilation. It got up to a sunny 80 degrees this week and I added a shade cloth to the top of the greenhouse to help keep it under 100 degrees inside. 

Garlic growing strong

Shiitakes doing great
Mushroom log set up

Chef Kerry helping prep beds for planting

Our chefs spent a few hours doing the thankless job (for which I am incredibly grateful)  of raking and pulling rocks out of a few beds in our new field. Here you can see the difference between the rows they did (on the left) and ones that haven't been done yet (on the right).


We did a whole lot of planting this week. Transplanted 4 varieties of Lettuce,  Radicchio, 3 varieties of Kale, Broccoli and Broccoli Raab.
Lettuce and Radicchio

David, Josh, Michael, Ben and Gustavo planting Broccoli

We also direct seeded more lettuce and Radicchio, Carrots, Beets, Spinach, Radishes, Turnips, Arugula, Choi, Cilantro, Parley, and Parsnips.
Direct seeding list

4 Lettuce Varieties

Eating Well

After the Chef visit, Chef Bonk of The Pig created this special using our spinach and wild onions. He also used eggs from Hancock Family Farms to make the pasta. 

Puddy Time


  1. Puddy looks so majestic in that first pic! :)

    1. Her true colors shining through...


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